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Jahr: 1870-1880
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St. Charles, Missouri (Warren County). Vintage Prints 1870-1880. Goebel.

St. Charles, Missouri, USA. 3 Vintage prints and 4 cartes de visite, coming from the heritage of the German family Goebel.
Rudolf Goebel came to the USA in around 1850, lived in St. Charles since app. 1855 and worked there as an established professional photographer. He or a relative sent the pictures back to Germany to give other Goebels an idea about the conditions in St. Charles.

- 3 vintage prints, each 17x24cm, on card 30x21cm. Each with traces of use, else fine (scraches, spotted, see picture). With printing “A. Goebel, St. Charles, Mo.” Image 1 shows a graveyard (No. 11 in the print, on the back is written by nad “Grab Großvater Goebel”), 2 a “Gasthaus, früher Prasse” (No. 4 in the print, above the door to the left you read “Gasthaus Ernst Bachfischer”), 3 shows a vast private building.

- 4 carte de visite, made by Goebel app. 1877 and earlier. 6x10cm, spotted, else fine. Card 1 shows “Arthur Göbel”, as is written on the back. Cards 2 and 3 show “Frau Huning” and “Herr Huning”. On the back of 2 and 3 is printed: “From Goebel’s Photograph Gallery, St.Charles, Mo. ..” (made earlier than 1, app. 1860-70). Card 4 shows the children of Rudolf Goebel, as is written on the back, around 1860 (?). The artists name is printed on the front side.
Card 1 contains on the back a detailed text about the artist and his business: “R. Goebel’s celebrated Photograph Gallery, cor. Of Jefferson & Second Sts., St.Charles, Mo., Motto: Excel, Established 1856. To my patrons: My 24 years experience in the business, and 21 of that in St. Charles, ought to give me a great advantage in the Photographic Art. With my new sceninc backgrounds and accessories from New York, and skylight rebuilt to double its former size, I am able to make good pictures in any weather. Since the sittings are reduced to less than half the time formerly required, the expression of the face is more life-like, and the most restless ‘pet of a mother’ may now be photographed. Copying I make a speciality, and finish in crayon, ink, water colours or in oil. Respectfully, R. Goebel. Will be at Troy, Wright City and Wentzville, again in 1878”.

- 1 carte de visite, made in Munich around 1865. It shows Arthur Goebel in his younger days, made by H. Mathaus in Munich. Arthur wears the uniform of a cavalryman of the Bavarian Army.

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